Introductory Consultation


Printasys offer a free introductory consultation where we will work with you to better understand your current communication capabilities, your future aspirations and what is available in the market to support your business goals.


• We can help you understand where you are now, in comparison to what’s available, by undertaking an As-is analysis of your current capabilities

• We can help you iterate where you want to be by helping you understand what ‘good’ looks like and how you currently compare to the market and your competitors

• We will help you devise a structured plan to implement any necessary changes and will be able to support you with our change management expertise

• We will help you understand what your communication capabilities will look like at the end of the change road-map, and how to exploit this to achieve your business goals.

Communication & Document Management Strategies

Printasys can help you to analyse your current and potential communication and document management strategies that support your business.

• We can analyse what you currently communicate to whom, how, when and why.

• We can help you understand whether your current communications are fully integrated with your business processes, i.e. do they achieve what they intend to achieve or do they create rework?

• Are your current capabilities secure, cost effective and environmentally friendly?

• Could your existing communications ‘work harder’ by achieving more than their primary purpose to optimise your communications costs?

Implementation, Training & Support

Printasys can help you during any transition period through our extensive change/project management experience.


• We can provide project management including implementation plans, progress reporting, budget management, and benefits realisation management.

• We can develop, deliver and support training to impacted business areas

• We can provide post-implementation support services including help desk facilities and on-site visits as required

• We offer regular benchmarking reviews to ensure you continue to benefit from communications sector developments to support your longer term business aspirations