• John Gilbert

Stay in Contact, even in Bad Weather!

We are nearing the end of winter but the threat of snow is still with us. It brings chaos to the roads and extra time to our journeys - when will it end! 

We shouldn't let a little bit of snow affect our businesses but sometimes it is unavoidable. Maybe you are running a project, preparing a product launch, running an event and you need to get mail to your clients and contacts. The only problem is that you can't get to the office to use the printer, and you don't have one at home. Even if you did have a printer at home you don't have all the paper, envelopes or stamps. How can you get to the Post Office if you can't get to work? There are lots of questions to answer and we can help.

Stay in the warm and print and post your letters direct from your PC. No minimum volume, no contract and letters are posted and printed for less than the cost of a second class stamp. Our solution can save you time and money at any time, not only when you need to work away from your office.

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