• John Gilbert

Working from home and remaining productive!

Updated: Mar 18

Remote Working has featured several times recently in news items related to climate change and as a possible solution to Business Continuity Plans being implemented by businesses.

The internet and related developments in teleconference capabilities have made it easier to keep in-touch and share ideas with fellow workers, and email, SMS and social media allow contact with customers and prospects. There are other less-well known services, accessible on-line, that further support ongoing business operations from remote locations.

If your business needs or benefits from hard copy mail being delivered to clients, then Hybrid Mail allows fully branded mail to be originated remotely and securely on-line. Users don’t need to be in the office to access pre-printed stationery to fulfil operational or marketing mail-shots, and what’s more Hybrid Mail provides considerable costs savings. Hybrid Mail can help you to keep your business operating effectively whilst your team work from home.

To learn more about how your business can benefit and for instructions on how to access these solutions, please contact Printasys and we’ll be glad to introduce you to capabilities that allow your workforce to become more productive....where ever they choose to work!